Working towards a better world.

Wertheimer LLC aims to provide every client with the dedication and focus that each individual case deserves. Our services are informed by years of experience in civil rights litigation, commercial law, and service at the highest levels of federal and state government.

I left Big Law because I no longer wanted to be just a transaction cost. That led me to the White House, where I worked for President Obama, in the Staff Secretary’s office, ensuring that he was properly briefed every night. I returned to the law because I wanted to directly represent people harmed by the criminal justice system, from police to prisons.

But the desire to change the system has never left me. That led me here, continuing to litigate civil rights and commercial cases while consulting for elected officials, candidates, and organizations on policy.

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Our Services

Civil Rights Litigation

We will help you vindicate your rights in the face of injustice. Whether you’ve been harmed by the police or your employer, we have your back.

Commercial Litigation

We have experience handling some of the largest commercial disputes and class actions in the country and now bring that experience to a smaller, more customized practice.

Policy Consulting

Whether for a candidate or a company, the policy world shifts quickly. From the White House back to the courthouse we can help you create, understand, and communicate your policy goals.